Brass Pneumatic Parts


Pneumatic systems are extensively used in industry, where factories are commonly plumbed with compressed air or compressed inert gases. This is because a centrally located and electrically powered compressor that powers cylinders and other pneumatic devices through solenoid valves is often able to provide motive power in a cheaper, safer, more flexible, and more reliable way than a large number of electric motors and actuators.

ASIATECH BRASS CORPORATION produces vast variety of pneumatic parts as per customer requirements. Usage of pneumatic systems in all around field is very critical. The life cycle of pneumatic systems must be long. Working performance should be nest all time. For all the above performances, we offer custom made brass pneumatic parts with best quality of parts as well as raw material. Our parts are single pcs. checked & always provide assurance of quality.

We produce Pneumatic Parts by Forging, Machining, sheet metal cutting-bending process as well as threading, degree, punching, marking operation.

We also providing excellent plating services with gold, natural brass, silver, tin, nickel, zinc etc…..