Forging is inclusive & exclusive part of machining components. Forging is necessary for getting perfect accuracy, leakage proof, different shapes as per assembly design. In the past we were outsource forging process. For last three years we have made the forging operation in home only. By in house production we are getting perfect quality & can give more attention during production. During last three years our experience has given us a lot of new developments. Right now we have to low to heavy stroke forging machines. We are using this machine for our parts as well as on free time doing local job works, any type of forging job from 10mm up to 150mm.

We offer total production completion :

  • Any type of forging jobs with machining or without from 10MM up to 150MM.
  • Special type of graded Brass raw material.
  • Quantities as per customer require.

Primary forging operations :

  • Two low to heavy forging machines.
  • Raw material thickness 10mm to 150mm.
  • Material : Brass, Steel.

Secondary operations :

  • In house tooling development
  • Debarring
  • Buffing
  • Sand Blasting
  • Final Finish
  • Packaging

ASIATECH BRASS CORPORATION extra ordinary factor :

  • Lowest tooling development time.
  • Low consume of raw material due to perfect tooling.
  • Custom marking as per require during forging process.
  • Graded raw material usage to provide long life of the components.
  • Forging, machining & all other operation in house.