ASIATECH BRASS CORPORATION extra ordinary assembly factor saves your valued time, money & tension.

We provide complete assembly process for your self. If you need complete part, We will produce & assemble the same for you. On request we also arrange the assembly parts additional material like plastics parts, rubber parts.

We can be a part of your great business by producing the complete product as per you require.

  • Forging parts assembly with stamping, machining.
  • Assembly with different raw materials.Final finish of your all assembly parts.
  • Final finish of your all assembly parts.
  • Packaging, labeling as per your guidance.
  • Delivery as per your instruction.

Assembly capabilities

As the assembly process includes in some of the parts final finishes. After completion of single part for whole product assembly we have under noted facility.

  • Riveting
  • Tapping & drilling
  • Punching
  • Marking Numbers as well as Words
  • Soft hand fittings

At ASIATECH BRASS CORPORATION we are producing our assembly part for one customer base system only. We never give or quote for similar part to other companies. It is necessary for keeping the customers business going on.

If you need the parts with perfect assembly contact us. We are here to serve you best.