ASIATECH BRASS CORPORATION has started with the first success stone in the industry was by setting up a brass machining unit. We were machining BRASS small components. Now we have more than  20 years experience in Brass Machining Industry. We call Brass Machining our passion. Any type of machining job from Diameter 1MM UP TO 100mm are been produce at general +/- 0.10 Tolerance.

We offer total product completion of Brass Machining

  • Any type of machining jobs from 1mm up to 100mm in quantities.
  • Threading as per Go-No Go Gauge Standards.
  • Bending Operations as degree standards.
  • Special type of punching operations.
  • Best raw material sources & usage.

Primary Machining operation

  • 2 spindle, 3 spindle, Vertical Slides home made machines Capacity 1MM up to 100MM.
  • Second operation semi automatic & manual home made machines.
  • Our own tooling shop for low development time & getting best quality work.
  • Material: Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel.

Secondary Operations

  • In house tooling facility
  • Debarring
  • Graded Final Finishes
  • Packaging


  • Each & every time best efforts to decrees the total raw material usage so that can be convenient to give maximum benefits to customer.
  • Doing marking operation on belongs to customer.
  • Minimum delivery time.
  • One time delivery schedule system, Order once in year, give schedule for months. Get delivery without a single increase in rates for whole year. Get hassle free delivery for whole year.
  • Brass IS 319 Grade I & II raw material each & every supply with ROHS complaint.
  • Steel & Stainless Steel Graded raw material as per require.